Create new type hoop with "Magic Fingers"


The development the UFO type and CIRCLE type "Magic Fingers"


Magich Hoop selected as a "New Intellectual patentee" by the Office of Patent Administration in the first selection round


Development of the exercise monitor LS-2000


Winner of the bronze prize at "t he 1999 Korea technology patent contest"


Winner of two silver prizes for Magic Hoop and LS-2000 at the Geneva Exposition

1. What is MAGIC HOOP ?
Magic Hoop
 For the first time in the world, attached protrusions were added around the inner part of an exercise hoop. These 'Magic Fingers' provide acu-pressure, a slimming effect and a massage effect to the  stomach and sides. Because Magic Hoop is two times heavier than a onventional exercise hoop, it is much more effective at burning fat. Magic Hoop provides a fast, fun, and slimming workout.

2. Why is it called Magic Hoop ?
The Effect of Finger Pressure Therapy & Massage Effect.
Magic Hoop's Finger stimulates and strengthens on the stomach and sides with its acupressure effects. You can experience 30,000 times finger massages for only 10 minutes workout. Germanium-added rubber attached inside of protrusions eases the contacts soft and help to prevent harsh stimulation on your body.

 Prevention & Remedy Effect
Magic Hoop's optimal stimulation also strengthens intestines function, promotes blood circulation, and perfectly treats constipation and backache.

 Beauty Therapy
If you do Magic Hoop workout just 10 minutes on a daily basis, you can keep your body fit and healthy with the help of Magic Fingers. Magic Hoop burns unnecessary body fat around abdomen and waist area. Enhanced blood circulation makes your complexion healthy and lovable.  

  It is Magic. It's separable.
It is composed of separable parts so that you can assemble 6 or 7 parts as you want.  It makes Magic Hoop portable, and provides easy storage. The basic model has 7 bodies, so you can take 1 body out to make a smaller hoop for children.

 Easy and simple exercise
It is an innovative hoop, which enables busy people in modern society to have easy workout regardless of time and place.

3. Who needs Magic Hoop ?

1) Housewife
Necessary for Housewives who feel easily tired, have constipation or backache. Only 10 minutes workout a day can prevent and cure the backache, and gives you fresh vitality resulted from stimulated blood circulation.

2) Businessman.
 It is not a hard, time-taking exercise. Busy men who have no time for serious workout can use the Magic Hoop. You will feel light and easy with the fat in your abdomen burning away.

3) Students
Students who are suffering from excessive stress and insufficient exercise! Magic Hoop will wake you up and fresh you up, when you feel drowsy or bored.


Magic Hoop Digital (with LS-2000 exercise monitor.)

The most convenient and scientifically improved exercise machine is born.
With its special features of effectively burning abdominal and waist fat
The spectacular Magic Hoop has been upgraded to become the Magic Hoop 2000 by including the convenient LS-2000 exercise monitor.

Improve your workout with the  LS-2000 exercise monitor
The LS-2000 exercise monitor has been added to the fabulous fat-burning and slimming Magic Hoop. It has four functions. Now, you can monitor your workout with the LS-2000. Tailor your workouts to fit your exercise goals and needs.

Our cutting-edge technology monitors your personalized workouts.
1. rotations : you can see how many rotations made by Magic Hoop.
2. time : you can check how long you've exercised.
3. calories burned : The LS-2000 monitoring unit shows you the amount of
calories that have been used.
4. waist reduction : It also shows the amount of waist reduction in millimeters.
*These 4 data is cumulative and recorded for your future reference.  

¨ To get accurate results about your workout with the LS-2000 exercise monitor please:
1. Slowly and steadily increase the intensity of your workout.
  : you can view the results of your workout so that you can see the increasing exercise effects with your own eyes  
2. Exercise with other people, (with your family and friends)
: you can monitor 3 different people at the same time so the exercise is more effective and fun.


LS-2000  Manual

Basic Usage

1.Name and Functions
o Weight Button (▲) - used to set users weight. Select your approximate weight by pressing the ▲ button.
The data will be displayed in the previous order when you press the ▲ button.

Ex) A type : more than 80kg. B type : 61~79kg. C type : less than 60kg.

o Function Button (■) - used to monitor the amount of exercise done. View the number of rotations, time, calories burned, and amount of waist size reduced by pressing  the ■ button. The data will be displayed in the previous order.

o Sensor Switch-is used to measure the number of rotations. It is activated each time the Magic Hoop is used.

-Weight button  
-Function button
-LCD displayer
-Sensor switch

-Displays weight type  
-Displays sum or cumulative amount   
-Displays waist reduction  
-Displays calories consumed  
-Displays the digits.

2.Major functions
A  Rotation : Each time the sensor switch is pressed, the LS-2000 monitors and counts about 3 spins completed. (The ratio between waist circumference and hoop circumference is about 1: 3.)

A  Time : When the sensor switch is not touched more than 3 seconds, the exercise time stops itself. The duration of exercise is displayed in minutes and seconds.

A  Calorie : The digits show how much calories are consumed during the exercise.

A  Waist reduction : The reduction in waist size is represented in millimeters.

A  Sum : Cumulative data of 3 kinds displays. It always displays the previous data, so start after deleting the previous data by pressing ▲ button for 2 seconds. (# Refer to the Advanced Usage.)

3.Attaching the LS-2000 exercise monitor.
Gently push the LS-2000 into an open hole on the inside of your magic hoop. (# Please remember to leave one hole empty for the LS-2000 unit.)
4.Before calling for A/S.
4-1.  If the screen is empty : To extend the average life span of a battery, the LCD displayer will go out itself when LS 2000 is not activated more than 1 minutes. Then press any button and the monitor should display something. If nothing appears on the screen after pressing the buttons, change the battery.

4-2.  If you have further problems, contact the customer service center.        

5.Battery Exchange
5-1. If the battery requires changing, remove it from its holder.
5-2. Remove the screw by the '+' driver.
5-3. Replace both '+' and  '-' batteries to their recommended positions and turn the cover clockwise.

6-1.  The built-in batteries are consumed little by little. If the display screen becomes dim, change the batteries.
6-2.  Do not allow children to handle the batteries as they could be a choking hazard.
6-3.  Please be aware that moisture and extreme shock can damage your LS-2000 exercise monitor.

Advanced Usage

1. Operating Instructions
① When you start Magic Hoop Workout, set the user's weight with ▲ button.
Ex) If you weigh 65kg, it'll be B type.
② Then hold the ▲ button for 2 seconds to make all previous data deleted.
③ Hold the ■ button for 3 seconds and change the S mode into blinking S.  
④ Start workout.
⑤ After exercise to see your workout results, press ■ button  and check all data for the current workout.
⑥ To check the accumulative workout result, hold the ■ button for 3 seconds, and then press ▲ button 2 times. Then the S mode will change into lit S mode. You can check out the cumulative workout result in this mode
⑦ Next time you start workout, follow the previous order.

2.  S  mode
①In "UNLIT S" mode you can see the current data only, and this data will not be accumulated. So if you want to accumulate your data, please exercise in "BLINKING S" mode.
=>The digits display the data in minutes and seconds.
②"BLINKING S" mode represents the current data, and this data is accumulated. You can check out current data in this mode, and to see the accumulated data change the mode the "LIT S mode".
=>The digits display the data in minutes and seconds.

#So we recommendthis mode when youstart workout.

③"LIT S" represents the accumulated data only. When you exercise in this mode the data will be accumulated without showing the current data
=>The digits display the data in hours and minutes.


3. S mode Setting
■ When you press the button more than 3 seconds, "BLINKING S" will come out. If you press ▲ button, it will be converted just like blinking mode => unlit mode=>lit mode in turn.  Select a mode you want and leave it untouched for five minutes, then set up process is completed.

4.  Deleting Data
①Deleting Present Data : Press ▲ button for 2 seconds.
Data in unlit mode and blinking mode will be deleted and sum data in lit mode will be remained

②Deleting Sum Data : Press ▲ button and ■ button together for two seconds -> 'del' mark will be displayed. All present and sum data will be deleted.


The Experiment Results of Magic Hoop

* Research Supervisor : Doctor of Science. Jo Geon-Jong
* Chief Research Member : Doctor of Science. Kang Hyung-gi·Rim In-su
* Assistant Research Member :
       Kim Tae-uk·Park Won-wha·Kim Seok-hee·Woo Byoung-hoon·Park Yang-sun

The Physical Science Laboratory of Hanyang University Experiment Schedule
▶ selection of a subject : 99. 8. 1. ∼ 99. 8. 7.
▶ progress of experiment : 99. 8. 8. ∼ 99. 9. 18.
▶ experiment plan : 99. 7. 28. ∼ 99. 7. 31.
▶ analysis of experiment : 99. 9. 20. ∼ 99. 9. 30.
▶ presentation a report : 99. 10. 20. Experiment Conditions
▶ periods of experiment : 99. 8. 1. ∼ 99. 9. 30
▶ place : The Physical Science Laboratory of Han-yang University
▶ examinee : 6 persons (Male 2 persons, Female 4 persons)
▶ time of exercise : 30 minutes(1 time) × 6 times = total 180 Min.

Experiment Instruments




portable gas-analyzer   

Meta Max


body-fat analyzer       

Bio Impedance


body-fat measuring-tool 



The Changing Result of Body-Fat by Magic Hoop
























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